slight website revision

to better reflect the type of work i've been receiving, i've decided to split my commissions page into two categories: "à la carte" and "specialty"

the à la carte page is best suited for paintings of single characters, portraits, or simple illustrations.

the specialty page is a catch-all for any work that doesn't easily fit into the à la carte categories.

use whichever form works best for your needs!


Just a couple general updates:

The shop is currently hibernating until I get new merch stock. All pending orders have been taken care of by now, so if you haven't yet gotten your order, please email me!

I'm whittling down my commission queue, and I'm only accepting new requests very sparingly at this time. I'm trying to respond to all requests whether I can accept them or not, so if you've filled out a form and haven't gotten any reply, don't be afraid to nudge me through email or social media. Otherwise, feel free to fill out another commission form when I've officially reopened my queue.

My patreon is also on hold until further notice. I've got a small backlog of sketch rewards that need to be completed, and the tiers need to be adjusted before I can consider relaunching.


thanks for reading!


WHEW ok so a small batch of orders is already in the mail, and i'm hoping they've either arrived by now or will be arriving shortly!

the second batch, which was also the most massive, is packed, labeled and ready to go. unfortunately, the post office won't be able to accept them until the second of january.

the last batch consists mostly of orders that need to be combined and partially refunded for extra shipping, or orders with incorrect or unverified shipping addresses. i'm gonna try to sort them out and have them in the mail by january 2nd, along with the other orders.

i'm still trying to figure out how my shipping app works, and i'm HOPING it's sending out tracking confirmation emails to everyone as i print the labels. if you haven't gotten an automated shipping update by tuesday, january 2nd, please send me an email with the full name on your order and your order number and i'll send it to you manually.

once again, thank you guys so much for your support and patience. this is the largest group of orders i think i have ever gotten in the history of me selling my stuff online, and it was equal parts exciting and terrifying. i've included some extra bits n bobs in every order, and i'm hoping everyone will be able to enjoy their purchases despite the delay!

shop orders update!

hey guys, sorry for the long wait with getting orders shipped. i'm slowly churning out packages and trying to get them in the mail before christmas, but some more recent orders may go out a day or so after, depending on my work schedule.

thank you for your patience and support! if you have any other questions or concerns about your order and i haven't yet replied, please email me directly at with something about "shop order" in the subject field.